The Certification in CISM Exam

Certification in Critical Incident Stress Management

The Certification in CISM represents an external review of knowledge in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). It is fitting that such certification arises from the very institution that in part gave rise to the CISM formulation.

Obtaining the Certification in CISM to Prerequisites for the Certification in CISM

Certification in CCISM can only be obtained by first completing the prerequisites by receiving the  ICISF Group Crisis Intervention Certificate of Completion and ICISF Assisting Individuals in Crisis Certificate of Completion. It is suggested that these courses have been taken within the last five years to ensure greatest relevance, however, that time frame is not mandatory.

Second, in order to receive a Certification in CISM, one must pass the Certification of Critical Incident Stress Management (CCISM) Exam, endorsed by the University of Maryland and it is the only university-based certification in CISM. 

The exam is open book but available resource materials should be reviewed and coordinated for easy access prior to actually accessing the exam.

Resource Materials: Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): A Practical Review textbook, which can be found in the ICISF CISM Bookstore. This book is not required to take the CCISM Exam, but is a helpful review. 

The CCISM Examination is a confirmation of an individual’s basic understanding of CISM and its nature and principles. 

This certification is a confirmation of knowledge, not practical nor applied ability. It is not a certification of clinical or applied competency.

Designating the Certification:

Upon successful completion of the CISM Certification Exam, a certificant may indicate on a CV or resume The certificant can also use the initials CCISM after his or her name to indicate certification.

CCISM Certification is good for five years. A recertification exam based on current CISM topics and resources is required to continue your Certification in CISM. In this manner, individuals are encouraged to stay current with the field.

The Exam

The CCISM consists of an exam for Individual Crisis Intervention AND for Group Crisis Intervention. Both exams are included in the CCISM Certification.

CCISM Exam fee: $295.00

This includes both tests, and a CCISM Certification Certificate upon a passing grade of 70% on both exams. If you do not achieve a passing grade on both exams, two additional retakes are included within the exam fee.

Registration for the exam requires payment by credit card. Upon confirmed registration, the test remains available for 30 days to complete. 

For groups of 10 or more, contact us for group payment details.