CCISM Recertification

Recertification in Critical Incident Stress Management

This includes the test and a CCISM Certification Certificate upon a passing grade of 70%.  If you do not achieve a passing grade on the exam, two additional retakes are included within the exam fee.

Registration for the recertification exam requires payment by credit card. Upon confirmed registration, the test (and retakes, if applicable) remains available for 30 days to complete. 

For groups of 10 or more, contact us for group payment details.

CCISM Recertification Exam Fee

Simply sign in using the same credentials that you used to take the CCISM Exam to pay for and access the Recertification Exam.


*** If you do not remember your password or your username, click on the “FORGOT?” button on the sign in page and enter your username or your e-mail address.

Resources to Prepare for the Recert Exam

An Exploratory Study on Psychological Body Armor, Crisis, Stress, and Human Resilience

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